Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Varoon's Digital Footprint

My Digital Footprint
A digital footprint is the history of what you do on a computer. My digital footprint includes Youtube, Google, Yahoo, itunes, Firefox, etc. We learned what a digital footprint is today.

Rohan's Digital Footprint

Today, I learned about digital footprints.
This is what is on my digital footprint
  • Apple
  • Youtube
  • Nfl mobile
  • Chrome
  • Nba mobile
  • Madden mobile
  • Britannica Online
  • Firefox
  • FactCite
  • Google
  • ESPN
  • Samsumg
  • Keynote
  • Safari
  • TTL4
  • iMovie
  • Coolmath
  • KidsBlog
  • Kidrex

Michelle's Digital Footprint

Today, we learned what a digital footprint was. It is the record of what things you have been on. On the internet, I have been on Youtube, Google, the CFES website, Google Images, and Bing. Some of the apps that I have used are, Rolling Sky, Photos, and Tap Tap Dash. I like to watch different episodes on youtube and search up images for different types of projects. On the apps, I like to play the games and take photos.

Ritvika's Digital Footprint

My Digital Footprint

Today I learned what a digital footprint is. It is a record of websites you were on. My digital Footprint includes  youtube where I watch videos on how to make stuff. Also, google where I search stuff. Another site is, photo booth where I take pictures of myself and print them out sometimes. Then there is PBS games so that in my free time I can play many fun educational games on it. Sometimes I go to google docs so I can write reports or I write stuff for fun!! Another site I go onto is power point where I write bullet points for a project at school that includes a poster. Also I use word document to write stuff that I want to save. That is my digital footprint!!

Matthew's Digital Footprint

Websites I often use make up my digital footprint this is what it looks like.

  • Madden Mobile

  • Youtube

  • Xbox

  • Itunes

  • Deer Hunter

  • Netflix    

  • Google

  • Solitaire

  • Music     

Aaron's Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint

Today we learned about Digital Footprints. I learned that a digital footprint is a record of everything you do on the internet.

Michaela's Digital Footprint

Today in Digital Authorship I learned that any app that you go on is a part of your digital footprint.

The parts of my footprint were YouTube, Roblox, Bread Kittens, Safari, Google, and Blog Clan.
Some reasons are that I have a Youtube channel, I like playing roblox, Bread Kittens is the most AWESOME game, and I use Google and Safari to search images of cats, and I check Blog Clan frequently to see what is up on the Warriors community.  

Tyler's Digital Footprint

   My Footprint Blog
By Tyler
Hi! Do ya want to know how to make, Digital Footprint? Well, you’re in luck!
Today I'm going to show you my  footprint! Hope you have fun and keep reading again!                              
Well, first a digital footprint is a footprint that has websites, games, and lots more! Now
I'm going to show you my footprint.


Jade's Digital Footprint

Today I learned about my digital footprint. A digital footprint is everything you visit online. My footprint includes Youtube, Disney Jr, China, Japan and Google Images.

Natalie's Digital Footprint

     My Digital Footprint

     Today  I learned about my digital footprint .  I've gone on Jumpstart, YouTube, Instagram, Google, Google Docs and I've looked at pictures of cats. I learned that my digital footprint involves every website I visit.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sree's Digital Footprint

Today we learned about digital footprints. Some of my digital footprints are youtube where I watch dog videos, Brain pop where I watch educational videos. I sometimes go on Study Island for studying certain topics and the warriors guide to look up certain warrior names. -Sree

Shivam's Digital Footprint

The Digital Footprint

Today, I learned that a digital footprint is your history on the computer using the photos and websites that you visited. On my footprint, there will be games, youtube, and many types of browsers. We made a “footprint” using all the places we went online. We also posted our own group posts, and know we will have our own blog post. Today’s class was awesome!


Digital Authorship

What is Digital Authorship?

Digital authorship is when people can have a conversation online that shares their work that people did or achieved. It involves experiments and taking risks. Digital authors can create posts or blogs about something that happened at school or a specific place. People can comment on a blog or post that a person has posted if they want to.

By Shivam and Varoon
Image result for digital authorship signImage result for digital authorship

Being a Digital Author


Others can write about their lives, basically anything, after creating an account on a blogging website. People can post pictures and videos that tell about their lives or something important. Being a digital author can mean expressing your opinion in your own style digitally. You can also let others know who you really are.

By: Michaela, Sree, Lacey, Maya

The Use of Blogging

Top 10 Reasons for Students to Blog - Sylvia Duckworth - CC BY - flickr
Blogging is very useful for myself because there is a huge benefit of sitting down, writing, and reflecting on what you have learned. Blogging is also a great way to write and share ideas, and actually give yourself a voice in the world opposed to just a parent. When you blog your ideas can lead to as far as the government. Blogging is good for social skills, internet safety, literacy, a school to home connection, global connections, and an authentic audience. It can also start a new conversation with other people online.

By: Rohan G., Arhaan, Rohan K.

http://primarytech.global2.vic.eduHere is why my students blog .au/2013/03/08/the-benefits-of-educational-blogging/

Students as Digital Authors

How are we as students going to be digital authors

We as digital authors will post nice things on our blog,and we will have interesting words,and facts in it.And helpful suggestions and interesting stories.Smiley - Gratis afbeeldingen op Pixabay

By: Jade, Natalie, Ritvika

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

All About Digital Authorship

We had a great second class learning about how to become 
digital authors!

We collaborated with others to research and write our own posts on important parts about being a digital author. 

Stay tuned for our posts!